Water Heater

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Gas Water Heaters
1.   Upper and lower combustion air must be installed when a water heater is installed in a closet area.
2.   There must be a 1" clearance on water heater vent from all combustible materials and manufacturer’s
      specifications must be observed.
3.   The gas stop must be ball valve type that can be shut off by hand.
4.   The maximum length of flex gas pipe is 36", ½" minimum size.
5.   Carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside each separate sleeping area. (Effective 4/1/11)

All Water Heaters
1.   There must be an expansion tank for thermal expansion protection installed on cold water pipe.
2.   Water heater pan must be approved for application.
3.   There must be in a 1½" deep pan with a ¾" drain line to outside or approved receptor.
4.   If installed in garages and attics, water pipes must be insulated.
5.   If it is structurally impossible to install a drain line to the outside, then the pan requires a fitting
      attachment that connects to a water hose, and this fitting must be capped or to the lowest point
      of the garage floor.
6.   The pressure relief valve discharge pipe shall discharge outside not more than 2' nor less than
      6" above ground/floor level or into an approved indirect waste receptor.
7.   There must be an isolation valve on cold water pipe of heater to shut off water.
8.   There must be a cold water electrical ground wire and clamp secured to pipe ahead of shut off valve.
9.   There must be unions on water inlet, outlet, temperature, and pressure discharge lines (nut on water
      flex constitutes a union).
10. If installed in garage, there must be pan drain pipes to floor or outside.

Water Heater Information