City Attorney

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Attorneys represent the City's interests and work with many contractsThe City's legal department creates an environment in which the City Council, City Manager, Board and Commission members, and staff can operate without fear of litigation and legal issues. To achieve that end, staff attorneys:

  1. Provide legal advice to avoid exposing the City and staff to unnecessary litigation
  2. Represent the City’s interests when litigation occurs 
  3. Draft and review legal documents

The attorneys provide representation on a case by case basis to the City of Carrollton, its officers and employees in regard to official City business. To determine whether or not the Office of the City Attorney is counsel of record for a lawsuit or administrative proceeding, please check the pleadings on file in the particular court or administrative agency where the matter is pending.

To avoid conflicts of interest and to reserve its attorneys for the representation of the City, this office does not provide legal opinions on private matters which do not involve the City or an officer, agent or employee of the City acting in his or her official capacity. The attorneys of our office do not represent private parties in civil or criminal matters. The office cannot make referrals to any specific attorneys or endorse any attorney in private practice. If you are in need of legal representation for a private matter, call the Dallas Bar Association at 214-220-7444 or contact Legal Aid at 214-748-1234.

Meet Carrollton City Attorney Meredith A. Ladd