Emergency Repair Grant

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Receive up to $5,000 for emergency home repairs

The Emergency Repair Program is to provide assistance to low and extremely low income homeowners to make essential repairs or add structural accessibility modifications when owner-occupant lacks sufficient resources of their own.


Who is Eligible?

As a homeowner, you may be eligible for assistance under this program, if you meet all the following conditions:


H Your home is a single-family dwelling unit located in the city limits of Carrollton, Texas.

H You own and occupy your property as your principal residence on a year-round basis for at least the past year and you have no intention to market, rent or sell the property.


Mobile homes: You have owned and lived in your mobile home for not less than one year and the mobile home has

been located in the city limits of Carrollton for not less than one year. The mobile home must be stationary with skirting or on a cement slab.  Owner must provide proof of these requirements.  A mobile home is not eligible if it can be hooked on to and moved quickly. 


H Your home requires an urgent repair, which if left unattended, would jeopardize the health and/or safety of the occupants; or, your structure requires necessary modification(s) to make structure accessible to meet a medical or physical disability.

H You must hold fee simple title to the property for not less than one year. Contracts for Deed or Contracts for Sale are not eligible, however the period of time an applicant has lived in a property under a lease-for-purchase may be taken into consideration in determining the one (1) year ownership time requirement if the applicant can provide proof they have lived in the property for a total of at least one year, and that they had a legal contract for deed before converting it into fee simple ownership.

H You must be a United States citizen or legal resident alien.

H Household income cannot exceed 80 percent of the Area Median Income Limits, adjusted for family size. 

H Your total assets (excluding your home) do not exceed $35,000 and your liquid assets do not exceed

$10,000 (For the purpose of this program, liquid assets include available cash, checking and savings

accounts, stocks, bonds and other assets that can be easily accessed without penalty.)

H You must not be delinquent on any property taxes, school taxes to any taxing entity in Dallas or Denton County. This applies only to applications for a repair subsequent to the first one, and does not include accounts where payment arrangements are up to date, and must provide proof of arrangement.

H  Submitting an application and meeting eligibility criteria does not commit the City of Carrollton to undertake a project. In addition, a site visit by the contractor does not imply final approval of the project.  If the cost estimates of the project exceed the maximum amount allowed under the program, the application will be terminated.



In reviewing Emergency Repair Grant applications, the City of Carrolton reserves the right to give priority to the following groups (no order implied):

H Elderly (at least 62 years old) and/or disabled citizens

H Residents whose incomes fall within the extremely low and very low income levels

H Residents who live in current, completed and future CDBG target areas and N.O.T.I.C.E. neighborhoods


Emergency Repair Program Guidelines


H You have not received financial assistance from Community Development for housing rehabilitation within the past year.

H You must complete the application process and your application and the requested repair must be approved. Community Development staff will inspect the unit to determine if requested repair is eligible.

H Your property must meet all environmental restrictions and regulations including floodplain, historical, lead based paint, etc. Properties in the 100-year floodplain or floodway are not eligible for this assistance.


Emergency Repair Program assistance may be denied to any applicant that has not met the requirements under any other Community Development Program.


What Types of Repairs are Eligible?

Generally, repairs or modifications to achieve accessibility that are urgently needed to make the housing safe, sanitary or habitable that can be completed for $5,000 or less are eligible for assistance. 


Examples of Eligible Repairs:

Repairs necessary to protect the health and safety of the household include repair and/or replacement of

failed plumbing fixtures, clogged/broken sewer lines, damaged or exposed electrical wiring, switches, outlets, leaking

roofs, AC and heating units, etc. Repairs and/or modifications may be made to a structure as necessary to allow accessibility to accommodate a disability when other means are not available to allow accessibility; i.e. building a wheelchair ramp, widening doorways to rooms that must be accessible for living, etc. (Program will not pay for portable medical equipment eligible through Medicare/Medicaid).


NOTE: When a repair is covered by an insurance policy and only a portion of the cost to repair is covered, the owner must sign over insurance claim payment(s) to the City of Carrollton before work may begin. Owner insurance funds will be deposited into an escrow account and will be expended first when contractor payments are approved. If owner has already spent insurance funds on repairs, owner must provide proof of payment and detailed documentation of work completed before a decision can be made if the repair is eligible for funding.

Ineligible Repairs:

Repairs that are only cosmetic in nature are not eligible.


NOTE: Cosmetic repairs may be carried out under the Program in small areas only when they are necessary to make the immediate area, where a repair is completed, match the surrounding area as much as possible. For example, this program will not provide replacement floor covering to a complete room when the repair disturbs a small section of flooring. It will however, try to patch flooring to match as close as is possible to the existing surrounding flooring.


Perils covered by insurance claims are not eligible for funding from this Program except as described in the

"Note" in the above section.

Please access Program Guidelines to obtain additional information on this program and how to apply.

Please keep checking this Web site for future updates on the Emergency Repair Grant. Upcoming information will include how to register and when applications will be accepted. If you have questions, please contact us.