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Single Family Demolition/Rebuild Incentive

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The City of Carrollton’s Single Family Demolition/Rebuild Incentive is part of the Neighborhood IMPACT initiative. The program objective is to promote the removal and replacement of aging single-family housing stock in Neighborhood Empowerment Zones. This program provides incentives to any homeowner or homebuilder who demolishes an existing single-family home in an Empowerment Zone and rebuilds a new home on the same lot within 24 months.

To establish if your address is located in a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone, type the address in the search box below. The following web pages are provided as a public service. The City of Carrollton assumes no liabilities for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused; any decision made or action taken or not taken by the user in reliance upon any information or date furnished hereunder.

A homeowner or homebuilder may be eligible for assistance under this program if they meet all of the following conditions:  

  • The applicant is a United States citizen or legal resident
  • The home is a single-family detached dwelling located in the city of Carrollton
  • The home is located within a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone. A map of the Neighborhood Empowerment Zones is available here
  • The home is located on a legally platted lot of record that is zoned to allow single-family detached homes
  • The applicant will own and occupy the new home as his or her principal residence on a year-round basis
  • A homebuilder may qualify for this program, provided that the rebuild incentive will be paid to the first owner occupant of the newly constructed house
  • All payments for City-provided utilities and all property taxes are current for the property
  • The applicant must complete an application and follow the application process
  • The property must not be under enforcement action of the Property Standards Board
  • The property must not be in foreclosure proceedings
  • The applicant must complete demolition within twelve (12) months of the date of City Council approval of the grant
  • Reconstruction of the new house must be completed within twenty-four (24) months of the date of City Council approval of the grant   

An incentive agreement must be approved by the Carrollton City Council prior to the start of any demolition work

Application Process

  •  An application for incentive must be submitted in approved format to the Environmental Services Department by the land owner. If the property has multiple owners, all owners must sign the application. Staff will verify ownership information   
  • The owner(s) shall at the time the application is submitted include three estimates detailing the demolition costs as well as a project timeline
  • The application shall describe the owner’s plans for the property after the demolition takes place
  • Project review of each application is required by city staff including appropriate comments and recommendations for changes prior to submission to the City Council Re- Development Sub-Committee   
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Re-Development Sub-Committee. Any modifications to the application will be made prior to forwarding the application to the full City Council with a recommendation for approval or denial   
  • City Council will review the recommendation of the Re-Development Sub-Committee and vote to either approve or deny the grant application   
  • The grant incentive will consist of cash payment payable upon successful completion of the project as outlined in an incentive agreement to be entered into between the City and the owner of the property 

* Applications are determined on a case-by-case approach. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the Re-Development Sub-Committee

For assistance in applying, and/or to review program details and guidelines,  please contact the Neighborhood Partnership Office at or (972) 466-4299.  A copy of the application is available here