Sign Topper Grant

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Identification Signs for Neighborhoods

Decorative sign toppers are a great way to make your neighborhood stand out! MatchingIMG_7863 grants are available through the City of Carrollton’s Neighborhood Enhancement Matching Grant Program.

 Qualified applicants must:

  • Be an organized Homeowner’s Association or Neighborhood Association
  • Register with the City’s Community Development Division on an annual basis  
  • Must complete a streamline grant application  

Program Guide and Application Packet

This publication contains information on the program and the application materials or call 972-466-4299 for a printed version. An abridged version of application available now. The Sign Topper Guidebook is available here.

A.W. Perry Sign TopperApplication Deadlines

Project proposals must be reviewed by Community Development Staff and the Development Review Committee (DRC) before they may be submitted to the Neighborhood Advisory Commission (NAC) for approval. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.


  • Have the sign company of your choice design your neighborhood sign following the Sign Design Specifications listed on the following page. The sign company will likely charge you for this design work. The sign design you submit must include the sign color, font, shape, thickness, size and sheeting type. Once your sign design is complete, have the sign company print you a copy of the completed sign design, attach it to your Sign Topper Grant Request for NAC approval.
  • The NAC will review your request and send you verification of the design approval. The DRC Committee will also verify how many signs you will need for installation in compliance with the installation guidelines.


Sign Design Specifications

Colors Available

Light Purple - Sign Color Black - Sign Color Peach - Sign Color Blue - Sign Color

Fonts Available (bold)

  • Copperplate Gothic Bold
  • Georgia
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Tahoma

Shape Options
Shape 1 - Rectangle Shape 2 Shape 4

Shape 3 Shape 5 Shape 6


Sign substrate shall be anodized aluminum with a thickness of .08 inch with corners clipped to a 1-inch radius.
Overall height: no greater than 12 inches
Overall length: 18 inches


Shall be Type 1 – Engineering Grade Retro-Reflective sheeting, Type II – Super Engineering Grade Retro-Reflective sheeting or Type III – High Intensity Grade Retro-Reflective sheeting with a manufacturer’s warranty of a minimum of seven years for outdoor use.

Your neighborhood association insignia may be placed in the upper center portion of the sign. No other graphics except the official name of the neighborhood, your association’s insignia and the required border may be placed on the sign.

Each sign shall be double-sided, with the identical legend, insignia, and border placed on both sides of the sign.

Sheeting 1 Sheeting 2

Sheeting 3 Sheeting 4

Sheeting 5 Sheeting 6

Installation Guidelines

  • Neighborhood association identification signs will be installed only within the boundaries of neighborhood associations officially recognized by the City of Carrollton.
  • There are two options regarding the number of signs to be installed within the boundaries of your neighborhood.
    • Option 1: Install Neighborhood Identification signs along the perimeter boundary or
      entrances to your neighborhood, only.
    • Option 2: Install Neighborhood Identification signs at all intersections within the
      boundary of your neighborhood.
    • You will need to select which option your prefer, on the attached request form. The DRC Committee will verify how many identification signs you will need when approving your installation request. The specific locations eligible for installation will be listed on your request once it is approved and returned to you.
  • Identification signs will only be installed on top of existing street name sign assemblies.
  • Installation of your neighborhood identification signs should be completed within 90 working days after the City has received your signs.
  • When any neighborhood identification sign needs replacement due to vandalism, loss, or normal wear, the neighborhood association will be responsible for all associated costs. A new request form will need to be submitted in order to install the replacements. All procedures for fabrication, approval and installation will apply to replacements.

The City of Carrollton reserves the right to remove any neighborhood identification sign, which becomes unsightly. When possible, the neighborhood association will be notified of the removal and the location where the sign may be picked up.

For more information, call Community Development at 972-466-4299 or email