Safe Routes to School

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broken-sidewalkThe Carrollton City Council has prioritized the safety of sidewalks near public schools to create safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for children to bike and walk to and from schools in our community.

A citywide sidewalk evaluation was conducted in 2016 to identify and facilitate the repair prioritization of substandard sidewalks across the City.

Sidewalks were identified as substandard if there were large cracks, severe cross slopes, dropped/raised panels, or other potential tripping hazards. By starting with children and the routes to school, communities become safe places for everyone to walk and ride.

sidewalk-improvementIn 2016, City Council approved a three-year sidewalk investment program—with the first phase allocating $1.3 million for a targeted sidewalk rehabilitation program in high traffic areas, including areas within 500 feet of public schools.

The first phase is now complete. The approved funding of $1,299,000 in 2016 replaced 100 barrier-free ramps and 25,245 linear feet (4.78 miles) of sidewalks impacting 14 schools scattered throughout the City.

Of the 14 impacted schools:

  • One is in Dallas Independent School District,
  • Three are in Lewisville Independent School District, 
  • Ten are in Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District.

The sidewalk replacements will improve walking conditions in the immediate vicinity of the schools and will positively impact community sustainability by providing a safer path for children to walk to school and ensuring less potential for injuries.

City Council authorized $1,537,025 in July 2018 for phase two to remove and replace approximately 39,600 linear feet (7.5 miles) of existing substandard sidewalks, impacting eight schools throughout the City of Carrollton, and an additional $40,000 in 2019 for the replacement of 2,640 linear feet (.5 miles) of substandard sidewalks in the areas surrounding those same schools.

In August of 2019, City Council approved $155,000 for the replacement and rehabilitation work of an additional 7,920 linear feet (1.5 miles) when replacements were necessary to meet accessibility requirements. This work, which includes removal and replacement of 30 driveway sections and adjacent sidewalks, was delayed until the end of the project due to the extent of the additional work required at the driveway connections

sidewalk-repairedIn addition to the approved sidewalk funding, the City offers homeowners a 90/10 Matching Grant Sidewalk Replacement Program where the City funds 90 percent of the cost to replace sidewalks.  

This provides an opportunity for citizens to partner with the City to financially expedite sidewalk repairs or replacement of eligible sidewalks. Sidewalks in single-family neighborhoods, located on a lot occupied by a single-family home, are eligible for participation in the program. Per 4’ x 4’ concrete panel, the average cost to a homeowner is approximately $12 (price is subject to change based on market).

 As Carrollton is Where Connections Happen, the community strives to continue to provide safe connectivity for pedestrians.

To report an unsafe sidewalk, please call 972-466-3425.