N.O.T.I.C.E. Program

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Reinvesting in Carrollton... One neighborhood at a time!

Program Overview

A new initiative was begun in 2002 that annually targets a specific neighborhood for comprehensive infrastructure repair and replacement in a concentrated and coordinated manner. The award-winning NOTICE program (Neighborhood-Oriented Targeted Infrastructure & Code Enforcement) uses funding from multiple sources and applies it in a targeted neighborhood to repair deteriorated infrastructure in a single initiative. At the same time a concerted code enforcement effort is initiated in the neighborhood. The program allocates public funding to improve the neighborhood infrastructure while property owners are held accountable to maintain or bring their property into compliance with city codes.

22 neighborhoods have been designated for NOTICE funding.

The goal of NOTICE is to

  • Foster a greater sense of neighborhood pride
  • Promote the emergence of healthier, sustainable neighborhoods

The City of Carrollton’s NOTICE Parks Program is looking into partnering with the Parks Department in working on renovations at Thomas Park. The park renovations would be funded by the Community Development Block Grant and due to the park being located in a floodplain an in-depth Environmental Review must be completed. Should you have questions or comments regarding the renovations at Thomas Park please feel free to contact Meagan Tucker at 972-466-9121 or Meagan.tucker@cityofcarrollton.com

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The NOTICE neighborhoods completed to date are Rollingwood Estates, Oak Tree North, Holiday Park, Park Terrace, Francis Perry Estates, Park Place, Carrollton Highlands, Keller Springs Village/Two Worlds and Hill ‘n Dale. 

Since 2002:

  • Over $63 million has been invested in NOTICE neighborhoods
  • About 126 miles of utility lines, sidewalks, streets and alleys have been repaired or replaced

NOTICE projects are currently underway in the Santa Rosa, Carrollton Downs, Palo Alto and Jackson Arms neighborhoods.

The results of these investments are promising.  Appraised property values in completed NOTICE neighborhoods have increased at a slightly higher rate compared to the surrounding neighborhoods, while observed code violations declined significantly in these neighborhoods.

For more information, please call 972-466-9121 or communitydevelopment@cityofcarrollton.com.