Neighborhood Empowerment Zones

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Revitalization Incentives

Neighborhoods create a sense of place and provide a place for families, friends and community to flourish, a place where people connect with one another.   Carrollton’s City Council wants neighborhoods to continue to be strong, safe and vibrant; however, the Council understands that neighborhoods have a life cycle of their own.  As some of our neighborhoods are growing stronger and safer, other neighborhoods may be experiencing issues that threaten their stability.

In reviewing issues in Carrollton’s established neighborhoods Council and staff identified challenges such as aging housing stock, distressed infrastructure and lack of redevelopment.  Councilmembers examined ways to broaden revitalization efforts to benefit a larger number of neighborhoods, cover a larger geographic area and focus on housing rehabilitation, neighborhood stabilization and redevelopment.

On May 21, 2013, City Council adopted a resolution creating Neighborhood Empowerment Zones. This established incentive packages for repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment in specific Carrollton neighborhoods.  These empowerment zones, located in different areas of the City, waive all construction fees, including building permit fees, impact fees, platting fees, and project permit fees (fences, electrical, plumbing, etc.), within the Zones, for both commercial and residential properties.  No fees will be charged for any projects, including new development, and renovation, rehabilitation or repair of existing properties.  Waiving construction fees is designed to promote rehabilitation of housing, economic development and stability for neighborhoods located in these Empowerment Zones.


Empowerment Zone Permits

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