Plan a Block Party in Your Neighborhood

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What is a Block Party?

NAC block party pic 1Block parties are a great opportunity for neighbors to interact. They allow neighbors to gather together and enjoy themselves within their own neighborhood. Block parties are not new; generations of Americans have enjoyed these traditional neighborhood parties. Things may have changed in our neighborhoods over the past several decades, but people still enjoy neighborhood gatherings. Block parties generally took place right on the street with people playing games and enjoying themselves on a blocked-off portion of the street. This is still an option, but there are other options, including using a public park, common green space in your HOA development, or a common room in an apartment building. Timing and location are crucial to the success of any neighborhood event. Follow through with the details to ensure success.

FoNAC block party pic 2r more successful tips, download our Block Party Planning Brochure.

What if the association wants to close the street for the party?
The Building Inspections and Permits Department is responsible for coordinating special events for the City of Carrollton. All block party requests are handled in the following manner:

  1. Contact Building Inspections and Permits at (972) 466-3225 to acquire a special events planning kit. For permit application, click here
  2. Complete the request form in its entirety. This must be done at least 7 working days before the date requested for the block party.
  3. When the form is returned, a $25 nonrefundable fee will be required to cover the costs of processing the paperwork, labor costs for setting up the barricades, and retrieving the barricades. NAC block party pic 3
  4. Once the participants of the block party have met all obligations, the Transportation Department will come to the location on the date specified for the party and set up the barricades. Barricades must be maintained by the residents as installed by the Transportation Department.
  5. After the event, It is the obligation of the participants of the event to set the barricades to the side of the street for the Transportation Department to pick up following the party.

To contact your Neighborhood Partnership Office with other questions, click here.