Neighborhood Association Registration Information

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 Neighborhood Registration

 To take part in city programs, such as the Neighborhood Enhancement Matching Grant Program, organizations must register with the Neighborhood Partnership Office. Registered neighborhoods are also eligible to receive technical assistance provided by the staff.  While registration is voluntary, registered neighborhoods qualify for certain assistance and benefits outlined below.141184078

Neighborhood registration with the City of Carrollton Neighborhood Partnership Office is requested annually, but is not mandatory.  There is no charge to register.  Neighborhoods are asked to update their registration with the Neighborhood Partnership Office when changes are made in order for all information to be current. 

Voluntary neighborhood associations determine their name and geographic boundaries when registering with the city.  These boundaries are not required to follow the subdivision areas as outlined by the developer on the plat of record.  A registered neighborhood may contain more than one subdivision, and may choose a different name than the subdivision(s) given by the developer(s) on record. 

To be considered a registered neighborhood the following requirements must be met:

  • Provide contact information including name, address, phone and email for all board members and association managers (a minimum of three board members is required)

  • Provide current bylaws

  • Conduct a minimum of one annual meeting

  • Provide contact information for a minimum of 3 board members including address, e-mail and phone number

  • Promote collaboration, community, communication and goodwill among residents

  • Promote inclusion and acceptance of all and not practice discrimination against classes protected under federal law.

Registered neighborhoods may not coexist in the same geographic location without the approval of the City.  The City has final authority on acceptance of all neighborhood registrations and may deny or revoke a registration for failing to meet the requirements established within this policy. A neighborhood may appeal to the Neighborhood Advisory Commission (NAC) within thirty (30) days of the registration denial or revocation.  The NAC will hear the appeal at its next scheduled meeting. 

Registered neighborhoods may apply for assistance under the Neighborhood Enhancement Matching Grant and Sign Topper Grant Programs.  They are also 102769196eligible for reimbursement of costs associated with rental of city facilities for neighborhood events.

To register or renewing a registration through the mail, please contact Community Development Staff at 972-466-4296 or  

Information contained in the Neighborhood Contact Form is subject to public information laws. Therefore, the City of Carrollton may release or publish all such information. The City may also post such information on its website or in other publications.