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Property Taxes

Because Carrollton’s municipal boundaries do not coincide with county, school district, or special district boundaries, municipal ad valorem (property) taxes vary according to location in the city. The total property tax rate is the sum of the rates of all applicable taxing entities, including cities, counties, school districts and special districts.

Texas has no state property tax or income tax. 

2020 Ad Valorem Tax Rates (cents per $100 valuation)
 City of Carrollton  .587500
 Dallas County  .239740
 Denton County  .224985
 Carrollton/Farmers Branch Independent School District              1.2547
 Lewisville Independent School District  1.3473
 Dallas Independent School District  1.296735
 Valwood Improvement Authority  .18
 Dallas County Community College  .124
 Dallas County Hospital District  .2661


 Sales & Use Tax Rates
 City of Carrollton  1.0%
 Dallas Area Rapid Transit        1.0%
 State of Texas  6.25%
 Total Rate  8.25%