Civil Engineering 972-466-3200

  • Coordinates design and construction of capital improvement projects (streets, drainage, water and wastewater utilities) 
  • Reviews and approves subdivision construction plans 
  • Permits and inspects installation of utilities in right-of-way 
  • Copies of plats and construction plans 
  • Flood plain information 
  • Construction inspections 
  • Monthly construction update

Transportation Engineering 972-466-3050 

  • Responsible for traffic services and transportation planning services for the city 
  • Performs traffic related studies 
  • Performs traffic pedestrian and vehicle counts 
  • Traffic ordinances, speed limits 
  • Liaison with regional and state transportation authorities 
  • School safety issues

Engineering is comprised of two divisions, Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering. Civil Engineering is responsible for the planning and design of all underground City utilities. This division maintains and updates the City’s master water/wastewater plan, prioritizing the infrastructure improvement projects for waterline and wastewater line replacement, and water distribution system construction. Civil Engineering maintains the General Design Standards and assures that construction projects in the public right-of-way are built in conformance with those standards.

The Transportation Engineering division is responsible for all transportation planning and traffic studies. The Transportation Engineering division works in conjunction with regional and state agencies to develop future transportation plans for the City. The Transportation Engineering division also plans and designs all signals and provides operational support to the City’s signal unit and is responsible for school safety issues, traffic ordinances, speed limit and traffic impact analyses.