Street Lights

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In 1998,Transportation Engineering and Urban Development Department began a comprehensive reassessment of the street light section of the Subdivision Ordinance. This was undertaken as a result of direction from City Council in the form of the Urban Design Strategy adopted in 1994. Numerous requests from developers for more aesthetically appealing street light designs and issues brought forth by TU electric, the dominate energy provider for the area.

In the past, the city of Carrollton installed seventeen (17) foot poles in existing and new residential subdivisions. The street light section of the Subdivision Ordinance required a minimum spacing 250 feet and a maximum spacing of 500 feet, based on a seventeen (17) foot pole height. The new standards call for the installation of twelve (12) foot poles at a minimum spacing of 175 feet and a maximum spacing of 350 feet.

Installation of Additional Street Lights

On streets that have 17-foot height luminaires, requests for additional lighting are evaluated based on the old standards. This includes the spacing requirements of 250 feet and 500 feet as stated above. On streets that have the 12-foot height street lights, requests for additional lighting would are evaluated based on the revised standard. Mixing of old and new street light standards are be allowed.

Upgrading to the Newer Standard

Any subdivision that has the older street light standards will maintain those standards until such time as the city passes a bond referendum or other funding sources are identified to upgrade the luminaires. However, if a neighborhood association desires to upgrade to the newer standards, the city would allow it if the neighborhood association pays for the upgrade. Staff will determine the minimum area that would require upgrades. This area will be determined by definable neighborhood boundaries such as arterial streets, creeks, railroad tracks, etc.

Street Light Repair

The City of Carrollton does not repair street lights. In cooperation with Oncor, citizens can report street light outages directly to Oncor here:

Be the City's eyes and ears; we value your input. Drivers are often the first to see problems on our roadways. If a problem exists, please call (972)-466-3050.