Environmental Quality

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    Food & Consumer Safety

    Foodborne illnesses account for more workdays lost nationwide than all other environmental health issues combined.  That is why the Food and Consumer Safety Program routinely inspects food service establishments to ensure compliance with food codes.  Restaurant scores are posted for the public to review. Staff coordinates with other local municipalities, state and federal agencies to investigate all suspected cases of confirmed foodborne illness.  The Food and Consumer Safety Program also coordinates with Building Inspections to review plans of all new facilities and the remodeling of current food establishments.

    Health and Safety in Pools, Spas, and IWFFs

    The Health and Safety in Pools, Spas and IWFFs Program was created in response to several water-borne illnesses that were linked to public and semi-public swimming pools and spa that occurred in Carrollton. The goal of the program is to help create a sustainable community by regulating swimming pools, spa and IWFFs that are used by the general public or through membership. This includes apartments, hotels, HOAs, daycares, gyms, country clubs, city facilities and other businesses.

    Industrial Pretreatment

    The Industrial Pretreatment Program is a federally required regulatory program aimed at controlling wastewater pollutants from industries and other point sources in the Carrollton.  Proper management of this program is ensured by the continuous evaluation of wastewater streams, which includes regular monitoring and inspections of permitted industries.  The program stresses education, training, and partnerships to achieve environmental environmental compliance.  This is accomplished through quarterly meetings of the Carrollton Industry Committee and newsletters.  Consistent compliance is rewarded through reduced permit requirements.

    Pollution Control

    The Pollution Control Program enforces federal, state, and local environmental regulations to protect public health and the natural resources of Carrollton.  To reduce illegal dumping, the program involves monitoring liquid waste haulers.  Yearly inspections of all grease/grit traps are performed to prevent City sewer system blockages or overflows.  The program also coordinates the city's spill response for all potentially hazardous materials; while taking an active role in responding to citizen's environmental questions or complaints such as those related to the performance standards for noise and glare.


    The Stormwater Program was created in response to the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations designed to reduce urban water pollution and safeguard the quality of our waterways.  The program is responsible for minimizing the amount of contaminants discharged into the City's storm sewer system.  Key components include public education and involvement, storm drain marking, water quality monitoring, construction site inspections, and the development of an integrated stormwater database.