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Reporting an Environmental Concern 

Have you witnessed an environmental incident in your community?

Some incidents require an immediate response by the City's Environmental Services department in order to maintain public health and safety.  If you see any of the following:

  • Pollutant discharges into a storm water inlet or drain
  • Pollutant releases into local creeks, streams, or other bodies of water
  • Wastewater discharges
  • Oil or chemical spills
  • Sanitary sewer overflows

Please contact us immediately at 972-466-3060.  If you witness one of these incidents outside of regular business hours, please call dispatch non-emergency at 972-466-3333 for immediate assistance.


Book a presentation with us! We would love to talk about stormwater with your school, organization, church, HOA, or more! Below are presentation we offer, please contact us at 972-466-3035 to set up a presentation. 

 creek carrollton stormwater

 What is Stormwater?

This presentation covers what stormwater is and how stormwater pollution can affect out waterways.


Stormwater in Carrollton

Learn about The City of Carrollton's stormwater permit and what Carrollton does to protect the waters of Texas. 

 josey ranch spill illicit discharge stormwater

Pollution Prevention & Stopping Illicit Discharges

Learn of the different types of illicit discharges and how you can help stop them through pollution prevention practices. 

 freddy the fish stormwater

Freddy the Fish

This presentation is a good visual that shows how pollution affect clear streams and eventually render the habitat unlivable for aquatic life. 

 incredible water stormwater

The Incredible Water Journey

This is a fun, interactive game that helps students better understand the movement of water through the water cycle.  

 crumpled watershed stormwater

Crumpled Watershed

The crumpled watershed is a great hands on visual that shows students how various sources of pollution affect streams. 

 enviroscape stormwater


This interactive lesson makes use of a model town that shows students

how our daily habits impact the environment and disturb the natural balance

of the urban water cycle.