Environmental Survey

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The City of Carrollton is required to regulate by Federal, State, and Local laws, certain operations that are connected to the sanitary sewer system. This requires the City of Carrollton to update all potential user information for facilities located within the boundaries of Carrollton. 

The City of Carrollton’s Environmental Survey is required to be completed by many new businesses in the city. It is also required to be completed by those deemed “industrial users” every three years to ensure that processes taking place at the facility are in compliance with pretreatment and stormwater ordinances. 

The types of businesses required to complete the survey include: 

  • Manufacturing (i.e. metal finishing, chemical, electroplating, skincare/makeup, building materials, etc.) 

  • Food and Beverage Production 

  • Warehousing and Distribution 

  • Printing/Publishing 

  • Recycling Facility (including electronics) 

  • Woodworking 

  • Repair Shop (i.e. automobiles, RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc.) 

  • Dry Cleaner 

  • Car Wash 

  • Fire extinguisher inspection/services 

  • Multifunction production/creative space 

  • Stone Cutting 

  • Laboratory 

  • Medical Office 

Following the completion of the survey, there is a facility inspection which includes a walkthrough of the inside and outside of the facility. The inspector will be looking at waste and chemical storage areas, potential spill hazards, discharges of wastewater to the sanitary sewer, best management practices in place, as well as sources of pollution on the outside of the building (i.e. storage of raw materials, liquids, debris ,etc.).  

 You can  complete the environmental survey HERE.

If you have any questions pertaining to the environmental survey or inspection, please contact the Environmental Quality Technician at Pretreatment_Program@cityofcarrollton.com