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Objective:  Adopt-A-Spot is a quarterly voluntary program to involve citizens in maintaining and beautifying Carrollton by participating in a litter reduction program managed by the City of Carrollton. 

Eligible Participants and Locations:  Businesses, organizations or individuals may participate in Adopt-A-Spot.  Signs must be placed in locations that have been identified as being in need of litter control as determined by the City of Carrollton.  A list of creeks or areas available for adoption will be provided to interested parties.

City Agrees to:

  •  Identify locations to be considered, that will benefit the residents of Carrollton;
  • Provide and install signage (2 signs and 2 poles) per location once the Adopt-A-Spot agreement has been submitted and approved;
  • City will determine proper placement of signs consistent with City sign installation policies for similar information signs;
  • Provide information about Adopt-A-Spot on the appropriate city’s web page, including a list of current volunteers;
  • Provide instructions and supplies to volunteers;
  • Provide removal and disposal of trash on the next business day for each scheduled volunteer occurrence.

Participants Agree to:

  • Conduct clean-ups in the adopted location at least quarterly (4 times per year) for a minimum of 2 years (with an option to renew);
  • Select a location from the authorized adoption list provided by the City;
  • Submit a completed Adopt-A-Spot Agreement Form and consent forms for each volunteer to Environmental Services prior to the quarterly clean-up;
  • Notify the city prior to each clean-up being conducted;
  • Provide progress reports to the city after each clean-up;
  • Ensure that volunteers only work in their Adopt-A-Spot location approved by the city.


Centre for Neuro Skills—Del Santer Park at Eisenhower and Mapleview

Todd and Tina Mixon—Furneaux Creek from Josey Ln. to Cemetery Hill and Frankford

Signifive Games— Carrollton park bordered by Eisenhower, Summer Lake Trail, and Parkwood Dr.


For more information on our volunteer programs, please call 972-466-3035.