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Objective:  Adopt-A-Spot is a quarterly voluntary program to involve citizens in maintaining and beautifying Carrollton by participating in a litter reduction program managed by the City of Carrollton. 

Eligible Participants and Locations:  Businesses, organizations or individuals may participate in Adopt-A-Spot.  Signs must be placed in locations that have been identified as being in need of litter control as determined by the City of Carrollton.  A list of creeks or areas available for adoption will be provided to interested parties.

City Agrees to:

  •  Identify locations to be considered, that will benefit the residents of Carrollton;
  • Provide and install signage (2 signs and 2 poles) per location once the Adopt-A-Spot agreement has been submitted and approved;
  • City will determine proper placement of signs consistent with City sign installation policies for similar information signs;
  • Provide information about Adopt-A-Spot on the appropriate city’s web page, including a list of current volunteers;
  • Provide instructions and supplies to volunteers;
  • Provide removal and disposal of trash on the next business day for each scheduled volunteer occurrence.

Participants Agree to:

  • Conduct clean-ups in the adopted location at least quarterly (4 times per year) for a minimum of 2 years (with an option to renew);
  • Select a location from the authorized adoption list provided by the City;
  • Submit a completed Adopt-A-Spot Agreement Form and consent forms for each volunteer to Environmental Services prior to the quarterly clean-up;
  • Notify the city prior to each clean-up being conducted;
  • Provide progress reports to the city after each clean-up;
  • Ensure that volunteers only work in their Adopt-A-Spot location approved by the city.


Adopt-A-Spot groups in Carrollton:

  • Centre for Neuro Skills—Del Santer Park at Eisenhower and Mapleview
  • Todd and Tina Mixon—Furneaux Creek from Josey to Cemetery Hill and Frankford
  • Trane National Accounts—Valwood Improvement Channel from Monetary to Hutton Dr.
  • Middleton’s & Friends—Furneaux Creek from Frankford to McCoy following Cemetery Hill on the northwest side of the creek
  • Lennox International—Jimmy Porter Park
  • Carrollton TX Free Speech—Dudley Branch—1700 E Rosemeade Pkwy to southwest corner of Rosemeade Aquatic Complex
  • Barbosa Plumbing and A/C—Furneaux Creek—Frankford to McCoy—southeast side of the channel
  • Wells Fargo DFW Green Team—Valley Mill Park—Keller Springs Rd to the Footbridge
  • Friends of Furneaux Creek—Branch Hollow Park—Footbridge to Hebron Pkwy
  • Daniel Nunez—Josey Ranch Athletic Complex to Josey Ranch Lake—Hutton Branch
  • True Inspiration Organization - Greenspace North of King Author,  off Josey Ln
  • Mary Grimes Education Center - Hutton Dr to Luna
  • Fiyah Customs - Greenbelt from Peters Colony to Rosemeade 
  • Scouts BSA Cub Pack 900 - Woodlake Pond
  • Trail Life Troop TX-5657 - Rosemeade Rec Center
  • Patrick, Patsy, and Piper  - Ward Steenson Park from Artherfield Dr to footbridge
  • Mary & C.W. & Neighbors Creek from Kelly & Woodcreek, along Creekview, to Buckskin Circle and Kelly Blvd from Woodcreek to Heads Lane. 

  • Carrollton Masonic Lodge - Carrollton Pkwy from Old Denton to end of Pkwy

  • Celestie Valadez and Family - WJ Thompson Park - From Perry to end of park

Adopt-A-Spot Clean-up Event Form:

To log your Adopt-A-Spot clean-up, please fill out this form: 

For more information on our volunteer programs, please call 972-466-3035.