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We hope you find the information useful as it is intended to provide you with the general information you need to do business with the City of Carrollton.

Purchasing is responsible for coordinating the entire bid process, which includes Request for Proposal's, and all seal bids which consist of purchases in excess of $50,000, as required by state law. Bids for infrastructure are handled by Engineering.

Other responsibilities include Procurement Management, Purchase Order and Vendor Information Management, managing the Disposal and Sale of Surplus City Property, and project management. In the course of these responsibilities, Purchasing is also responsible for monitoring all procurement activities and ensuring compliance with all state laws.

Carrollton has joined the process with other North Texas Governments to develop and implement a joint bidding platform. A shared vendor database is already in place and future joint-bidding opportunities are envisioned. The goal of this process is to drive down operational costs by bidding our needs in tandem with other governments (i.e. joint bidding). Partnering with other governments to attend and possibly host a “vendor fair.” These events are hosted by the local government to foster vendor-government discussions that will allow the vendors to learn how to do business with each local government.

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