April 2019

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Online CBT

Everyone will be receiving TWO online CBTs to complete. One is over ICS (SOG 300) and the other will cover ethics (SOP 128, SOP 129, SOP 130). Attempt both until scoring a 100%. Log courses in Firehouse using AEA:SOP REVIEW

Forcible Entry

Coordinate with the Captains at stations 5 and 7 to get in some forcible entry review and practice. The goal is 2 hours total. Log in Firehouse under AEA:FE.


We will try to complete the PAT on April 8th and 9th. Those still needing it will be contacted. Log under AEA:PAT.

Driver Skills

Troy Smith will be teaching driver skills to some members on April 8th - 13th. Log training under AEA:DRIVE.

Blue Card

There are more Blue Card classes scheduled for the mornings of April 22nd - 27th. Log in Firehouse under AEA:BLUE CARD.

Truck/Rescue Training

Truck and rescue training is scheduled for the afternoons of April 22nd - 27th.

Vehicle Rescue Class

Each shift will be sending 3 members to TCCC for a vehicle rescue technician class on April 8th - 24th. Log class in Firehouse using AEA:EX.