August 2018

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Read SOG 311 and, as a crew, discuss the following fill in the blanks:

  1. Firefighters will use the radio message “__________, __________, __________” to report their status as being lost or trapped or when there is reason to believe another firefighter is lost or trapped. Any report of MAYDAY will receive priority radio traffic.
  2. Immediately announce a MAYDAY as soon as you realize you or another firefighter is in trouble.
    If you are calling the MAYDAY for yourself:
    1. Identify __________ and your __________.
    2. State your __________ or last __________ __________ to include a description of the building structure and sounds of nearby activity (ventilation saw noise, etc.) which may assist rescuers.
      Identify the events that led to the issuing of the MAYDAY.
    3. If possible, inform command of the amount of __________ __________ in your SCBA.
    4. Activate your __________ __________.
    5. Turn on your __________.
    6. Attempt to ___________ or get in a location that would make rescue more likely such as on a wall or near a door or window.
  3. After a MAYDAY is called, command will announce “__________ _____ __________”. All members must maintain radio silence and only talk on the radio to announce Emergency Traffic or to relay pertinent information related to the MAYDAY or fire control.
  4. When a MAYDAY is sounded, the Incident Commander should:
    1. Announce “__________ __________, _____ _____ ______ ___________” followed by an announcement to “__________ _____ ___________”. The MAYDAY must be communicated by all possible means to all members operating on the fire ground.
    2. Identify the __________ of the MAYDAY and information on their __________.
    3. If the source of the MAYDAY cannot be determined, conduct a _____.
    4. Announce the __________ __________, __________ of the missing firefighters, and location information on the channel that the MAYDAY was announced.
    5. Immediately deploy the __________, _____, and/or interior __________ who are not engaged in fire attack or control, to the most appropriate location on the channel that the MAYDAY was announced.
    6. Designate a __________ ___________and assign a Rescue Division/Group __________ to coordinate the rescue effort.
    7. Upgrade the incident to the next __________ __________ and have a Medic crew on standby. Heavy rescue or other special teams should also be considered along with calling for air transport.
    8. Adjust the Incident Action Plan to a high priority firefighter rescue effort. Consider the following:
      1. __________ the Command Staff at the command post to allow for continued fire operations, RIC operations and support functions.
      2. Consider establishing additional _____.
      3. Maintain essential __________ __________ to reduce the risk of further injury to the missing or trapped firefighter.

Log efforts into Firehouse using recalled template AEA:RIC.


Watch the following videos as a crew and discuss the tactics and responsibilities of:

  • Firefighters, drivers, officers, IC
  • First, second, third due apparatus
  • Blue Card size-ups
  • Communicate with each other like you would on the radio. Try it with background noise.
  • Rotate roles between crew members
  • Critique each other

Log efforts into Firehouse using recalled template AEA:VIDEO.

Functional Movement Screen

Mike Florer will be coming by and putting members through the annual FMS on July 30, 31, and August 1-4.

Log assessment into Firehouse using template AEA:FMS.

Hose Handling Techniques

Captain Colleran and Firefighter Ausmus are teaching a hose deployment and maneuvering class over the next few months. Each group will get to go twice, once to learn the basics and a second time for scenarios. Classes will start August 13-15. This is a very enjoyable class that not only results in fast and more efficient hose maneuvering but also builds teamwork and comradery among crews. Remember to stay hydrated!

Log class into Firehouse using template AEA:WATER DELIVERY.

Target Hazard Preplan

Prevention will be conducting more target hazard walk-throughs on August 27-29 for the crews at stations 4, 6, and 7.

Log into Firehouse using template AEA:Hazmat.