February 2019

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Online CBT

Everyone will be assigned a quiz on Litmos over SCBA. Make sure to complete and send your certification to Captain Alumbaugh. Enter quiz into Firehouse using template AEA:SOP REVIEW.


Go out three times during the month and practice throwing your ladders. We will have access to the training tower Feb. 10-16 and 24-28, so contact the BC or station 5 crew and take advantage. You can also use the station or safe places around your district to practice. View this PowerPoint on throwing and raising techniques. Consider using the following CFR performance standards on ladders:

Performance Standard: Ladders 1

Performance Standard: Ladders 2

Performance Standard: Ladders 3

Log training in Firehouse under AEA:LADDERS.

Driver Cone Course

The cone course will be set up at Standridge stadium on Feb. 28 and March 1-2. All companies will have an opportunity to go and drive the course. Log training in Firehouse using AEA:DRIVE.