January 2018

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Training Entries 

To help with consistency and ease of use, we will be using templates for every training event of each month. The templates will be labeled to correspond to each training topic that month. For example, this month's SCBA training template can be found under AA January 2018 - SCBA. To access the template, create a new training record, select any category for the training as this will change once you upload the template, click the "recall" button on the upper right corner of Firehouse, and select the appropriate template. Please use these templates from here on out when entering monthly training. DO NOT enter or change anything in the "Notes" section of the training record, as this is what will be used to recall certain records.


Review the daily checkout, donning, and operation of the SCBA for two hours. Use the corresponding performance standards if necessary. Enter training in Firehouse using the AA January 2018 - SCBA template.

Primary Search, Fire Attack, and TIC

Review the skill sheets and lesson plans for each of the following categories. Skill days will begin at the burn tower starting January 18, 19, and 20. Enter training in Firehouse using the AA January 2018 - fire attack, primary search, TIC template.

Primary Search & Fire Attack Lesson Plan  Primary Search with a Handline Skill Sheet  
VEIS Lesson Plan  VEIS Skill Sheet  
TIC Lesson Plan  TIC Skill Sheet  
Hose Advance Skill Sheet    






Bail Out 

Schedule a day with the E112 Captains to go bail out of a second story window using the self-rescue ropes. Enter training in Firehouse using the AA January 2018 - Bail Out template.

Training Hours

Starting in 2018, crews will be held more accountable for their training hours. Please use the codes and templates given when logging training hours. Regular audits will be made using these specific codes. Also, make sure you are putting "yes" in the "Station Level" section of the Rating Bureau tab.