June 2019

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Each shift this month, conduct the following drill: You will demonstrate the procedure for preparing to enter an IDLH atmosphere. Start with all PPE properly donned, excluding face piece. Everyone must demonstrate the ability to be "on air" and ready to enter the IDLH with ALL PPE properly donned, including face piece. You must complete drill in under 40 sec. Watch the following video for tips to improve your time.


Also, practice getting into and out of your air pack as if you are going through a confined space. Be sure to have on your structural firefighting gloves. Practice with eyes closed or mask blacked out.

Finally, conduct a workout while on air. Click in and do some sort of exercise (walking, rowing, climbing stairs ,etc.). Practice controlling your breathing and note how long a full bottle will last you while performing strenuous activity.

Log all drills in Firehouse under AEA:SCBA.

Online CBT

This month's CBT will be over SOP 173 Personal Protective Equipment. Complete with a score of 100%.

Log in Firehouse under AEA:SOP REVIEW.

Live Fire Drills

CFR will be conducting live burn scenarios June 3-8. June 3-5 will consist of fire control and search of the 3rd floor. Drills on June 6-8 will entail "The First Five Minutes" which will present 3 different scenarios. Make sure to look over the following lesson plans for your respective drill.

Log training into Firehouse under AEA:LIVE FIRE.


June 17-19, groups 3 and 4 will travel to Plano for the class on Natural Gas conducted by Atmos. Group 3 will be from 0800-1200 and group 4 will be 1300-1700. The address is 3697 Mapleshade Ln.

Log in Firehouse under AEA:HAZMAT. Make sure to click YES on the Hazmat tab in the entry.