March 2019

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Online CBT

All members will receive a Litmos quiz over SOG 315 Accountability. Please complete the quiz until you obtain a score of 100%. Log efforts into Firehouse using template AEA:SOP REVIEW.

RIC Bags

Each member needs to re-familiarize themselves with the RIC bag. Go through turning the bottle on, placing the mask on a dummy, unclicking from the RIC mask and clicking into the downed firefighter's mask, and connect the buddy breather hose to refill a low bottle. Practice while wearing your structural firefighting gloves. Also practice doing the moves with a blacked out mask. Log efforts in Firehouse under AEA:RIC.

Cone Course

The first couple days of March will be used to complete getting everyone through the driver cone course. This will take place at Standridge stadium. Station 8 crew will be in charge of set-up and tear-down. The following is a tentative schedule. BCs may adjust as necessary.

0800 - station 8

0900 - station 1

1000 - station 7

1100 - station 2

1200 - station 6

1300 - station 3

1400 - station 5

1500 - station 4

Log training into Firehouse under AEA:DRIVE.

Blue Card

The next round of Blue Card will take place, with groups 1 and 2 going on March 11-16. Log in Firehouse under AEA:BLUE CARD.

Live Burns

We will be conducting quad-cities live burns on March 25-27. We will also be having Carrollton only live burns on March 28-30. Log training in Firehouse under AEA:LIVE FIRE.