May 2019

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Hose Advancement

Practice your hose advancement techniques (clamp, clamp slide, hip grip, etc.). Try and get out and practice 3 - 4 times during the month. Log efforts into Firehouse using template AEA:WATER DELIVERY.

Online CBT

Everyone will be receiving a CBT quiz over SOG 314 Ventilation. Log training in Firehouse under AEA:SOP REVIEW.

SOP Review

Everyone should review SOP 905 Risk Reduction. Make sure we are setting up decon at EVERY structure fire. Log review in Firehouse under AEA:SOP REVIEW.


Atmos will be giving us a class over how to handle certain Natural Gas calls. The dates will be May 20-22, and only groups 1 and 2 will be participating. Crews will travel to the following address for class:

3697 Mapleshade Ln., Plano, TX 75075

  • Group 1 - 0800-1200
  • Group 2 - 1300-1700

Log class in Firehouse using template AEA:HAZMAT.