November 2018

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Training for Illicit Discharges

Under the S: Drive, there is a video and word document titled "Training for Illicit Discharges". Please go and review both as a crew, and then discuss. It is MANDATORY that all members complete and document this training.

Log efforts into Firehouse under AEA:DISCHARGE.


Watch and discuss the following videos about the new flare system. Once you receive them, make sure to practice deploying them.

Log efforts into Firehouse using template AEA:VIDEO.

Hose Handling Techniques

Make sure to get out and continue to practice the moves taught by Captain Colleran in the hose class: clamp, clamp slide, hip grip, transition, push, more/less hose, back wall, and pick me up. Try to get out and practice these at least three times this month.

Log efforts into Firehouse under AEA:WATER DELIVERY.

Quad Cities Burns - Lessons Learned

 Here are a few points learned from the live burns conducted last month:

  • First in officer must actively listen for the incoming BC so as to transfer command.
  • All Officers must continuously actively listen to radio traffic so as to know when command establishes a Alpha, Charley, or Interior division. Once that occurs officers may report to a different person other than command.
  • Carrollton, Addison, and Farmers Branch communicate using the Blue Card system. Coppell does not AND will still pass command.
  • We continue to struggle with accountability. Help each other remember your passports and do whatever it takes (passport in helmet, in glove, with TIC, etc.) to participate in the accountability system.
  • The other cities use a triple load for their crosslays.