Fitness Training

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The Goal

Carrollton Fire Rescue (CFR) aims to improve health and wellness while decreasing injuries by utilizing a a holistic approach to fitness programming in conjunction with annual medical physicals and assessments. Our goal is to be a resource for all department members to use and to create programming and approaches for fitness that work for every different individual regardless of their fitness level or exercise experience.


We believe that providing a variety of training programs and philosophies will lead to a healthier, more physically and emotionally fit department with the added benefit of reducing injuries by increasing physical fitness, mobility and flexibility. We have a large variety of people in our department, and we want to provide as many different options for maintaining and improving physical fitness as we can.

We believe that our annual functional movement screening in conjunction with medical physicals, VO2 max testing and Physical Ability Testing gives us valuable information that assists in developing safe and effective programs.




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