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The Fitness Committee believes that each of us reaches and maintains our fitness goals in different ways. Our programming aims to encompass all of the different approaches to fitness that each of us use and to share them with the department. Follow any of the links below to find workouts related to the name of the programming area.

 Before starting any workout or program follow these 3 Rules:

1. NEVER ATTEMPT ANY EXERCISE OR PROGRAM THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO EXACERBATE AN EXISTING MINOR INJURY! Our goal is to help you get more fit and more healthy. That cannot be accomplished if you get injured attempting an exercise, movement or program that worsens an existing problem. If you want to learn new exercises, please reach out to a member of the committee and we will come help you learn. The videos attached to the programs are both a learning tool and a refresher if its been awhile since you've performed the exercise/movement. We are here to help you. Please utilize us as a resource.

2. ALWAYS PERFORM A DYNAMIC WARM-UP PRIOR TO WORKING OUT!  You want to get your entire body warmed up and ready to work. Look under the MOBILITY link for a basic whole body warm-up demonstration.

3. ALWAYS STRETCH AFTER A WORKOUT IS COMPLETE! Warm muscles allow for a deeper, more thorough stretch. See the MOBILITY tab for demonstrations of basic large muscle group stretches.



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