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Technical Rescue Video

On the afternoon of July 13, 2011, at approximately 3:17 p.m., Engine 112 and Medic 116 were dispatched to an initial report of a sick person at Good Elementary School. Upon arrival, Engine 112’s crew found that a worker had fallen into a 55 foot deep pier shaft and was trapped in the bottom of the 30 inch diameter shaft. The initial response was immediately upgraded to a Technical Rescue bringing Truck 112, Engine 111, Battalion 111, Medic 113, Medic 114 and Utility 112 to the scene. The incident was further upgraded with a request for the Coppell Fire Department‘s Technical Rescue team to assist CFR personnel. Coppell’s responding units included Engine 122, Rescue 122, Medic 122, Truck 123, Battalion 121 and Deputy Chief 122.