Emergency Preparedness

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EM Preparedness, Education, & Certification Programs

In the City of Carrollton, there are a lot of health, safety, and educational assets available for its residents. Such resources include but are not limited to the Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid and Medicare, Homeless Shelters, and Food Banks. These sources are good to familiarize yourself with while preparing for potential disasters.

While this is not a list of all the available resources in this municipality, here are some essential ones that will help you stay afloat during times of need:

Education is the key to preparedness. With that being said, free educational opportunities are available to residents throughout the city of Carrollton.  Learning and being informed about emergency procedures, readiness, and training actions promote advance awareness and understanding when a disaster strikes.

Educational Websites:


Participate in disaster relief organizations in your local area. If you’re in need of other services not mentioned here, please contact your nearest resource center for further information