Outdoor Warning Siren System

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The City of Carrollton’s Outdoor Warning Siren System is an important tool to alert citizens to potential threats against life and property.

The Outdoor Warning Siren (OWS) system consists of twenty-six sirens strategically placed throughout the City.

The sirens are not “tornado sirens,” but rather are “all-hazard” sirens. This means that they can be sounded to warn of any significant threat to the City, including but not limited to:

  • severe weather

  • hazardous materials releases

  • national security events

The Outdoor Warning System is not meant to be heard indoors. It's designed to alert anyone outside that they need to get inside. Once inside and safe, turn on your NOAA weather radio, TV, radio, or other news sources such as the City's social media feeds for more information and instructions.

Siren Testing

The OWS system is tested the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM, weather permitting. Any other activation should be treated as authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aren't the sirens just "tornado sirens?"
What are the reasons to activate the sirens?
Where are the outdoor warning sirens located?
Are sirens always activated during severe weather?
When do you test the sirens?
Do you cancel the siren test during bad weather?
Are the sirens meant to be heard indoors?
How do I get emergency alerts?

During a Threat

What should I do when I hear the sirens?
When activated, how long do the sirens stay on?
Are all 26 sirens activated during a threat?
Is there a special sound for different threats?
Is there an "All Clear" siren signal?
How do I know when it's safe?

Why Did/Didn't the City...?

I hear sirens but there's no info from the City?
I don't hear a siren but the City says they're on?
Part of the City is under warning, why no sirens?
There were high winds/hail, why no sirens?

 Stay Updated

To get updates on if the siren test is cancelled or not each test day, subscribe to the City's Office of Emergency Management Twitter at @CarrolltonOEM.

Note: This account is for information purposes only. Dial 911 for emergencies. For emergency notifications sign up at carrolltonalert.com