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Fire Marshal

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The Fire Marshal’s Office, headed by Battalion Chief and Fire Marshal Herb Cavenaugh, promotes fire safety through education and enforcement.

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for:

  • Conducting plan reviews of all new commercial construction projects to ensure all fire safety requirements, as directed by fire code, have been included and are of correct type and design.
  • Conducting field inspections of all new commercial construction to ensure that fire code requirements and fire protection equipment are installed and operate as designed.
  • Processing and reviewing all applications for fire permits as directed by the fire codes.
  • Conducts on-site life-safety and fire-prevention inspections of all existing non-residential occupancies to ensure compliance with local code, and takes appropriate enforcement measures to correct unsafe conditions.
  • Issues permits for installation and removal of above/underground tanks.
  • Inspect residential properties on a request basis.
  • Receives and responds to citizen complaints and takes immediate action to resolve these complaints within a reasonable time.


The five Certified Inspectors that are assigned to this Division are responsible for the compliance of over 8000 businesses to fire codes and life safety codes.

Fire Prevention is also responsible for the investigation of every accidental and criminal incendiary fire occuring within the City.

In addition, the Fire Prevention Division develops and conducts an assortment of public safety education programs designed to educate various citizen age groups in the principles of fire safety prevention measures and self-help actions to take in the event of fire. The education function includes fire safety programs, fire extinguisher demonstrations, and fire drills.  Public Education activities and associated programs are managed by the Fire and Life Safety Education Coordinator.



USFA - United States Fire Administration

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association