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Find answers to "how do I...?" questions and inspection questions.

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How Do I...?

...notify CFR of a potential fire code violation?
...schedule fire extinguisher training?
...update my business' emergency contact info?
...find out what building/fire codes I'm under?
...schedule a fire inspection for my business?
...schedule a hydrant flow test?
...obtain a copy of a fire or ambulance report?
...obtain info on environmental surveys?
...enroll in the Citizens Fire Academy?

General Questions

When do I need a permit?
How much does a permit cost?
What is the current version of the fire code?
When was the current fire code adopted?
How should fire lane violations be reported?
Is it legal to use a barbeque pit at an apartment?
Who maintains smoke alarms at an apt complex?


What is a fire inspection?
How can I prepare for the inspection?
How do I schedule an inspection?
How do I schedule a fire code consultation?
What if I have an inspection/fire code question?
What about foster home fire inspections?


What is the City's ordinance for fireworks usage?


What items cannot be legally burned in Carrollton?
How do I dispose of household hazardous materials?
Where is the Fire Marshal's office located?