Information Technology

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laptopThe City of Carrollton Information Technology (IT) Department provides support services and technology consulting to all City departments. Operating under a 24/7 model, IT ensures that the necessary systems and services are always available.

Although the IT Department’s primary focus is supporting City operations, the department also collaborates with other government entities and education groups to enhance the level of services provided to citizens and visitors in the Metrocrest area.

Supporting the City’s vision to be the community that families and businesses want to call home, the department’s lines of business create a framework that establishes a transparent, informed, and effective decision-making process for managing the demand and supply of best-managed IT services.

Lines of Business

IT Services and Delivery provides day to day “keep the lights on” services as well as ensures that the appropriate, strategic business IT services are offered at the expected price and quality levels, to sustain IT-enabled business capabilities and assets over time.

Architecture and Solution Strategy
takes operational and technical requirements from a department in the City and helps design a system solution, ensuring a high level of quality, performance, security, and maintainability.

IT Risk and Security identifies and assesses risk and takes steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level. The ultimate goal is to help the City better manage IT-related risks.

Planning and Governance centrally manages City technology projects enabling the City to achieve its technology related goals and operate as a customer service business.



IT Vision & Mission Statements

The City’s IT Department vision is to strive to provide valuable, efficient, high-quality systems, enabling citizen-focused services through current and emerging technologies.

The mission is to deliver IT services to users, emphasizing quality and excellence that work to advance goals set forth by the Carrollton City Council.



Contact the City IT Director/CIO

Contact-Us-smChris Chiancone
Information Technology
City Hall, 2nd Floor
1945 E. Jackson Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75006