Fines & Fees

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ChargesPaying Fines

If any customer retains any library book or other material for 21 days or more past the due date thereof, or if any customer accrues $10.00 or more in fees or fines for the use of any library book, material or service, the Director shall suspend such customer's use of all library books, materials, and services.

Carrollton Code of Ordinances Sec. 132.17 E


Lost/Damaged Library Material Fees
Item Fees
Interlibrary loan materials Cost as assessed by lending library
Media case $5.00
Binoculars Actual cost
All other materials Actual price plus $5 processing fee
Library Service Fees
Service/Item Fee
Interlibrary loan postage reimbursement $2.25 per item
Headphones $4.00 per pair
Replacement library card fee $1.00
Computer printing $0.15 per page
Copier printing $0.15 per page
Flash Drives Cost plus $0.05 rounded up to the next quarter dollar

Fees approved by Carrollton City Council September 18, 2018.

Paying Fees

Effective immediately, no overdue fees will be added to accounts and existing overdue fees have been cleared. As we implement these changes, you will notice that some services are unavailable if an account has items currently overdue. Accounts with overdue items will be ineligible for placing holds, renewing items, or checking out additional materials. Please see our Press Release or Overdue Fees FAQ for additional information.
If you have questions or need assistance with your account, please contact the library at 972-466-4800.
  • Online in your account:
  • In person:
    • Cash
    • Money order
    • Check made payable to City of Carrollton with Library card number written on it
    • Visa, Mastercard, or Discover
  • By postal mail:
    • Check made payable to City of Carrollton with Library card number written on it & mailed to either Library location (addresses)

Accounts with unresolved fees of $50 or more will be referred to Unique Management Services, a materials collection agency, and an additional $10 fee will be added to the account.