Non-Resident Library Card FAQ

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The City of Carrollton is committed, first and foremost, to supporting and meeting the needs of Carrollton citizens.

Due to declining revenues, increasing usage, and a commitment to maintaining fiscal sustainability, the City of Carrollton has decided to implement a Non-Resident Fee for Library cards.

Non-Carrollton Residents of Texas are encouraged to contact their hometown library for a free Library card and/or purchase a Carrollton Public Library card for $40 (non-refundable, non-transferable), good for one year.

Carrollton residents and residents of Reciprocal Partners will continue to receive a Library card at no cost.

Current Reciprocal Partners include:

  • Denton County
  • City of Farmers Branch
When do Non-Resident Fees begin and how was this decided?
The Non-Resident Fee will go into effect beginning January 1, 2021 for new cardholders.
This decision was reviewed and enacted by City Council, based on research from staff and feedback from the Library Board.
There will be a grace period during which established cardholders with Non-Resident status will remain active until March 31, 2021. At that time, they will be eligible for a full year of services with a paid Non-Resident card.
The Library is a community resource. Isn’t it available for everyone?
Yes, everyone is welcome, regardless of where they live, to:
Visit the Library
Attend programs
Use the materials within the Library
What services will I have access to with a paid, annual Carrollton Public Library card?
A card in good standing will allow you a full year of access to:
Public computers
Print materials
Digital magazines
Online Resources
Study Rooms
Book a Librarian service
And more!
Can I use a computer without having a Library Card?
Non-Residents with a photo ID, can get a Guest Pass for each visit. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian’s consent to use our public computers.
I am not a resident of Carrollton or a Reciprocal Partner. What are my options?
You are welcome to visit the Library, attend live or virtual programs, and use the Library computers with a Guest Pass after showing an ID to staff
You may pay the $40 annual Non-Resident Fee to apply for a Library card.
Library staff can help you locate your hometown library where you can get a free library card.
A TexShare Card may be available through your local public or academic library:
Contact your hometown library to see if they participate in the TexShare Card program and if you meet the eligibility requirements.
TexShare cardholders visiting the Carrollton Public Library can check out up to 5 physical items at a time.
NOTE: "A TexShare Card does not provide access to TexShare Databases or other online resources at libraries you visit. Please use the electronic resources available to you at your home library."
How does my city become a Reciprocal Partner?
Talk to your city’s library staff to let them know your interest and to contact the Carrollton Public Library for more information on how to become a Reciprocal Partner.
Are there services or materials reserved for Carrollton residents only? If so, why?
Yes, some materials and services are reserved for Carrollton citizens only. This is to maintain availability and sustainability for citizens or sometimes due to grant funding guidelines.
Those include:
Meeting Room reservations
Hotspot checkouts
Interlibrary Loan
Suggest a Library Purchase