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Paying Fines Online

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Minimum Fine Payable

The minimum charge you can pay online is $1.01.

If you owe $1.00 or less in fines, the pay online button will NOT appear in your account.

Partial Fine Payment

You can only pay the full amount of a fine for an item, but you can select which fines listed on your account you wish to pay. For example:

You owe $10.00 for 1 item
You must pay the full $10.00
You owe $2.00 for 1 item and $3.50 for another item
You can pay the total of $5.50
You can pay $2.00
You can pay $3.50

Payment Method

Pay with your credit card:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • MasterCard

You click/tap a "continue to PayPal" button because PayPal processes online payments for the Library. You do not need and CANNOT use a PayPal account.

Security of Payment

Your entire transaction, from beginning to end, is handled on PayPal’s secure server. No credit card information is stored on the Library’s servers.

Posting of Payment

As soon as PayPal confirms a successful transaction, your fees will be deducted from your Library account.


If you click “pay online” and nothing happens, this is most likely a pop-up blocker issue. Turn off pop-up blocker on your browser and try again.