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Returning, Notices, & Overdues

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Special Pandemic Procedures

Returning Items

Libraries are OPEN for special hours at a limited capacity with limited services.

Book drops are OPEN for returning items.

Returned items will still show on your account for a few days after their return as they are cleaned and quarantined for several days, according to CDC recommendations.

Items will be checked in for the date they were returned, so no late charges will be added to your account so long as the items were returned on time.

Do NOT RENEW ITEMS you have ALREADY RETURNED ON TIME or you will add fines to your account.

Checking Out Items

Checking out holds at Drive-Up Holds Windows is available Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. It remains the recommended and safest way to pick up holds that are ready on your account.

Returning Items

During Library Hours

Return items in either the indoor or outdoor book drop.

Before or After Library Hours

Return items in the drive-up bookdrop BEFORE midnight on the date they are due to avoid late fines.

  • Hebron & Josey - on the south side of the building (facing Hebron)
  • Josey Ranch Lake - in the front of the building behind the flag poles


Failure to receive notices does not relieve the borrower of the responsibility for returning materials on time or for charges for overdue materials. Return items on or before the due date to avoid fines.


ONLY way to get a courtesy reminder notice BEFORE items are due
ONLY way to get a hold available notice
Add this email address to your contacts or allowed list to insure emails reach your inbox
example notices address
Postal Mail
$1.00 charge for each mailed overdue notice
No charge for mailed final bill notice

Courtesy Reminder Notices

Reminder notices from the Library are ONLY sent by email:

  • 3 days BEFORE 1 week checkout items are due
  • 5 days BEFORE 3 week checkout items are due
  • Give you a chance to renew items or schedule time to return them

Follow the directions in our email address help to add or update your email.

Overdue Notices

  • 3 days AFTER item's due date
  • Postal mail delivery is NOT instantaneous like email

Overdue Items

You can still check out with an overdue item on your account as long as:

  • item is less than 21 days overdue
  • fines currently owed are less than $10.

Potential fines accruing for overdue items still checked out on your account will not yet show in the Fines section of your online account, but instead show in the Checked Out items section next to any overdue titles.
fine up to now note next to due date

This note will disappear from your account when the item is checked in by staff.

Items are checked in for the date they were returned, so no late charges are added to your account so long as the items were returned ON OR BEFORE the due date.

Do NOT RENEW ITEMS you have ALREADY RETURNED ON TIME or you will add fines to your account.

If the items were returned LATE, then a fine will appear in Fines section of your account based on the number of days late the item was returned.

Items More Than 21 Days Overdue

If any customer retains any library book or other material for 21 days or more past the due date thereof, or if any customer accrues $10.00 or more in fees or fines for the use of any library book, material or service, the Director shall suspend such customer's use of all library books, materials, and services.

Carrollton Code of Ordinances Sec. 132.17 E

Items 35 or More Days Overdue

Patrons with Library items 35 or more days overdue, owing $50 or more in charges, AND who have made no attempts to contact the Library to settle their accounts will be turned over to a Library materials recovery service called Unique Management Services and an additional $10 fee will be added to the account.

Lost/Damaged Items

If you lose or damage an item you checked out, please visit or call the Library at 972-466-4800 to discuss any charges. Charges for lost or damaged items are based on the type of item.

Helpful hint: Renew the item, if possible, while you continue looking for it.

But I Returned That...

If you returned an item, but it still shows on your account, please be aware it can sometimes takes a day or two to get items checked in, especially after a weekend. Wait a day or so after you return an item, then check your account online again.

If the returned item still shows on your account after a couple of days, talk to staff in person or by phone at 972-466-4800 during Library hours. Library staff will check the carts of items waiting to be checked in and the Library shelves of both locations.

If the item is not found in the Library, then it will be placed on "Claims Returned" status for 30 days to allow time for you to continue looking at home and for staff to look again in the Library. If the item is not found within 30 days, it is declared "Lost" and payment will be due.

Helpful hint: Check beneath your car seats, under beds, in school backpacks, in closets, in drawers, and in bookshelves.

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