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Financial Literacy Series

Don't forget to check out our online Financial Literacy Basics resource.


Learn how to live within a budget. Monitor your spending and get the most out of your money.

Thursday, April 2
Hebron & Josey

Saving & Investing for Retirement

Learn about the rule of 72, the 3 Ds of investing, different types of retirement accounts, and taxes related to investing for retirement.

Thursday, April 9
Hebron & Josey

Protection: Life Insurance and Wills

No matter the age, learn what legal documents are important when planning for your or your parents’ future.

Thursday, April 16
Hebron & Josey

Online Resources

Financial Literacy Basics
PDF guides to help you understand your finances

How to Manage Debt

How to Make and Stick to a Budget

Renting an Apartment & Understanding Renters' Insurance

Buying a Car & Understanding Auto Insurance

Understanding the Cost of College, Student Loans, & How to Pay Them Back

How to Start a 401(k)

Understanding Health Insurance Plans

What to Know About Checking Accounts