Checking Out & Renewing

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New Card Checkouts

  • 5 items for first 6 months

New Cards After 6 Months

Cards meeting the criteria below are changed to full service cards:

  • customer shows valid (non-expired) government-issued ID
  • customer shows proof of current address if NOT on valid (non-expired) government-issued ID
  • fines are under $10
  • no problems with the account

If no valid (non-expired) government-issued ID or proof of address is available, then the account CANNOT be renewed.

Established Card Checkouts

  • up to 5 DVDs
  • up to 5 audiobooks
  • up to 5 music CDs
  • up to 25 books
  • total of 40 items

The Checkout, Renewal, and Request Rules Table below gives checkout periods, checkout limits, renewal limits and lists if an item can be requested by placing a hold.

Checkout, Renewal, and Request Rules Table
Item Loan Period Item Limit1 Renewals2 Requestable by a Hold
book 3 weeks up to 25 3 yes
DVD 1 week up to 5 3 yes
audiobook 3 weeks up to 5 3 yes
music CD 3 weeks up to 5 3 yes
early literacy kit 3 weeks 1 3 yes
binoculars 2 hours inside library only 1 0 no
iPads 4 hours inside library only 1 0 no

1The limit on the total number of items checked out on a card is 40.

2Renewal adds either 3 weeks or 1 week to the date you RENEWED not the original due date.

How to Renew

Reasons Renewal Can Fail


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