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Checking Out & Renewing

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New Card Checkouts

  • 5 items for first 6 months

New Cards after 6 Months

Cards meeting the criteria below are changed to full service cards:

  • Customer shows valid (non-expired) government-issued ID
  • Customer shows proof of current address if NOT on ID
  • Fines and fees under $10
  • No problems with account

If no valid (non-expired) government-issued ID or proof of address is available, then the account CANNOT be renewed.

Established Card Checkouts

Total of 40 items:

  • Up to 5 DVDs
  • Up to 5 audiobooks
  • Up to 5 music CDs
  • Up to 25 books or other items not listed above
Checkout, Renewal, and Request Rules Table
Item Loan Period Item Limit1 Renewals2 Requestable by a Hold
book 3 weeks up to 25 3 yes
DVD 1 week up to 5 3 yes
audiobook 3 weeks up to 5 3 yes
music CD 3 weeks up to 5 3 yes
early literacy kit 3 weeks up to 25 3 yes
binoculars 2 hours inside library only 1 0 no

1The limit on the total number of items checked out on a card is 40.

2Renewal adds either 3 weeks or 1 week to the date you RENEWED not the original due date.

How to Renew

  • Online following these directions
  • On a checkout station...even if the items are not with you
  • At a service desk
  • Call 972-466-4800 during library hours

Reasons Renewal Can Fail

You cannot renew if

  • Card is expired
  • $10 or more is owed on card

In addition, you many see one of the following reasons that renewal failed:

Another customer is waiting in line for this item
You have already renewed this item the maximum THREE times
You are trying to renew an item the same day you checked it out