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If an item is checked out or available only at the other Library location, you may place a hold to reserve that item.

  • 20 on an established Library card
  • 5 on a new Library card
  • Items held for 7 days on the holdshelf
  • Hold Available Notices sent to email(s) listed in your account

Placing Holds

  1. Use the "Request It" button in OneSearch or the "place hold" button in the catalog
  2. Enter your Library card number OR user name
  3. Enter your PIN/password
  4. Select a pickup location

Placing a hold on an AVAILABLE item does NOT stop someone already at the Library from taking the item from the shelf and checking it out.

Call the Library at 972-466-4800 for same day pickup of available items.

TIP: If you discover during a Library visit that a title is only available at the other location, ask staff at the service desk to place the hold BEFORE you drive to the other Library. They can call the other location to pull the item for you, so you will know it is definitely available.

Holds Window

We now offer the ability to pick up holds at our drive-up Holds Windows during scheduled hours at both Library locations!

Choose your pickup location as “H&J Window” or “JRL Window” to choose this delivery method.

The holds windows may be used:

  • For picking up holds during specific hours of operation
  • By customers whose accounts have less than $10 owed and have not reached their limit of items available for checkout
  • During the window’s hours of operation, as noted below
H&J Window
JRL Window
Monday-Wednesday & Friday

You will receive an email letting you know when your hold is checked out to you and ready for pick up at the window. Please call us 30 minutes before your planned arrival, so we can be sure to have your item ready for you.

If you are unable to pick up your hold at the window during these hours, you may come inside the library during business hours and pick up your hold.

If you do not pick up your Holds Window item within 7 days, the item will be checked back in by Library Staff and returned to general circulation.

All other Library account transactions must be addressed inside the library.

Hold Status

In the Holds section of your account, look at the status column to see where you are in line:

  • 3 of 13 holds
  • "Ready" - you have until the "Pick up by" date to come check it out

Freezing Holds

"Freeze" unfilled holds to SAVE your place in line when you're on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

  • STATUS cannot be "IN TRANSIT" or "Ready. Must pick up by..."
  • You must unfreeze frozen holds yourself. Staff CANNOT unfreeze them.
To freeze or unfreeze your holds follow the directions on the freezing holds help page.


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