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Unique Management Services

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Unique Management Services

Unique Management Services (UMS) is a well-respected, professional agency specializing in material recovery services for libraries. They are based in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Their web site is at

UMS works exclusively with libraries. They understand that libraries are unique and need a special kind of collection service that emphasizes material recovery and customer goodwill. 

Necessity of Service

Library staff have very limited resources and time to devote to following up with delinquent customers. By contracting services from UMS, the Library intends to increase the amount of long-overdue items returned to the Library and encourage customers to settle delinquent accounts quickly.

The Carrollton Public Library started using this service in September of 2004.

UMS Referral

Only customers who have accrued fees of $50 or more and have not contacted the Library or otherwise attempted to settle their accounts will be referred to UMS.

Customers are referred to UMS when their total fines are $50.00 or more, and no attempt has been made to reduce their fines for 60 days. A $10 manual charge is added to the customer’s account to cover the cost of the UMS service.

  1. UMS will mail two letters, then attempt to contact the customer by phone.
  2. If the customer still does not settle their account, a final notice is sent.

The direct goal of the UMS service is to encourage customers to return materials to the Library. If customers return billed materials, the replacement amount is adjusted down to the maximum overdue fine, or less if the situation warrants.

Regardless of other arrangements the Library makes with the customer, the Library will always collect the $10 UMS fee. This action will help ensure that UMS’s service remains revenue neutral.

Minor Customers

The person listed as the parent/guardian on minor customers’ records will be the person who will be contacted by UMS.