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Study Room Information & Booking

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Starting August 3:

  • Masks must be worn at all times while in the Library, including when using Study Rooms.
  • Food consumption is not allowed in the Library.

Limited Access Study Room Policy

  1. Individuals requesting a Study Room reservation must be at least SIXTEEN years of age and possess a valid Carrollton Public Library card.
    (Valid: current, fees under $10.00)
  2. Starting Sunday, July 26, rooms may be reserved the ONE DAY in advance online, by phone at 972-466-4800, or in person.
  3. Rooms may be reserved for one 2 hour time block per day.
    • 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    • 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
    • 4 p.m. -  6 p.m.
  4. A Study Room reservation not claimed within 30 minutes of the reserved time will be considered canceled and available for use by other individuals if room was unoccupied during the 30 minutes.
  5. Light snacks and drinks in covered containers are welcome.
  6. Individuals failing to appear at the library in order to occupy a reserved Study Room (“no shows”) may result in loss of the individual’s privilege to reserve a room in the future.
  7. The adult reserving the Study Room (or, if a child has reserved the room, the adult who has signed for the child’s library card) is responsible for any damages incurred during use of the room.

Limited Access Booking a Room

  • ONE 2-hour time block per day per individual
  • Starting Sunday, July 26, up to ONE DAY in advance
  • Non-expired Library card owing less than $10

Check the capacity of the room before you book to make sure it will accommodate the size of your group.

Book a Study Room

Limited Access Checking In

  • Library card or ID required at check-in.
  • Outstanding account issues must be resolved to be admitted.

All members of a group booking for Room 5 at JRL or Room 1 at H&J must be present, including the person who booked the room, when you check in at the desk to get access to the room.

Limited Access Cancellations

Library staff reserves the right to cancel any study room reservation at any time due to unforeseen circumstances (power outage, inclement weather, etc.).

Ways to Cancel

The email confirmation for your study room booking has a link to cancel the room. You can only cancel yourself if it is not yet time for the reservation. Please call to cancel if the reservation time has started.

Call 972-466-4800 during Library hours to cancel a study room booking.

No-Show Cancellation

Bookings not claimed within 30 minutes of the start of the reservation time will be cancelled.

Limited Access Room Capacities

Location Room Number Capacity
Josey Ranch Lake 1 1
Josey Ranch Lake 2 1
Josey Ranch Lake 3 1
Josey Ranch Lake 4 1
Josey Ranch Lake 5 1-3
Hebron & Josey 1 1-2
Hebron & Josey 2 1
Hebron & Josey 3 1
Hebron & Josey 4 1
Hebron & Josey 5 1
Hebron & Josey 6 1
Hebron & Josey 7 1