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Initial Session Time: 60 minutes (1 hour)*
Total Time Per Day: 240 minutes (4 hours)
*Session automatically extends in 10 minute increments if no one is in the queue

Library Computers

Logging in to Library Computers

Log in with:

  • Non-expired Carrollton Public Library card with under $10 in fees
  • Guest pass issued at service desk

A card can only be used on ONE computer at a time.

The Computer Use Policy must be followed.

Available Software

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Word 2016
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Microsoft Access 2016
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016
  • Paint
  • Calculator
  • Adobe Reader DC1
  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Plugins for Internet Explorer:

  • Flash
  • Silverlight
  • Java
  • Adobe Reader

1Adobe Reader only works to VIEW a PDF. There is NO software installed to EDIT a PDF.

If all computers are in use, go to the Queue/Print Station to reserve a computer.


Headphones must be used to hear sound.

  • BRING headphones
  • BUY headphones at the desk for $4


  • DVD drive is configured READ ONLY
  • Save to a USB flash drive
  • Files saved to the computer are DELETED whey you log off the computer

Internet Access

Wi-Fi Access

Monday, August 9:
The network name (SSID) for the Library's Wi-Fi Network at BOTH locations changed to
Carrollton Public Library

Carrollton Public Library network available 5 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Look for this name in the list of available Wi-Fi networks your device finds on your next Library visit.

Name of Network

Both Library locations provide a free wireless network with the network name (SSID) broadcast - NO password necessary. Make sure your laptop, tablet, or phone is automatically displaying available networks in your Wi-Fi settings and look for:

  • Carrollton Public Library

This is an UNSECURED network with no encryption, so be cautious with your personal and financial information.

Availability of Network

This Wi-Fi network is available inside and outside both Libraries from:

  • 5 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.


  • Make sure Wi-Fi is on
    • Some laptops have a physical switch that may be OFF
  • Your laptop may be stopping your connection because it is an unsecured network
  • Saved Internet connection settings may interfere with connecting. Be sure you know how to restore those settings before you disable them.

Wired Internet Access

There are hot data ports in the Study Rooms and along the walls of both Libraries with a green INTERNET PORT label.

Use requires:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Network interface card (NIC) in your laptop

Mobile Hotspots

The Library has 40 mobile hotspots that can be checked out by Carrollton residents for a week to get Internet access at home or wherever you need it.


Wireless Printing

There is NO wireless printing option. You CANNOT print from your laptop or mobile device to the Library's printers. You must use a Library computer to print.

How to print a document from your personal device:

  • File must be compatible with available software.
  • Save your files to a flash drive
    Email them to yourself.
  • Bring photo ID to desk for guest pass if you do not have a Carrollton Public Library card.

Printing from Library Computers

• Number used to log on is used to release prints
• Name your print jobs UNIQUE and MEANINGFUL names so YOU can tell them apart
• You ONLY see YOUR jobs at the release station
• Must AGREE to cost (2nd pop-up) for job to show up
Print Options
• Black & white only
• Select ONLY standard U.S. paper sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Legal (8.5x14), Tabloid (11x17)
• Jobs are held ONLY 3 HOURS
• $0.15/page
• Double-sided print = $0.30
Paying at Vend Unit
• Accepts CASH (coins - NO pennies and $1 or $5 bills)
• $9.50 is most you can pay YOURSELF
• All CHANGE given in COINS
Credit Cards & Jobs over $9.50
• Ask staff for help if paying by CREDIT CARD (send ALL print jobs before asking)
• Pay staff at desk if a job costs OVER $9.50 and they will release it for you
Avoid Paying for Blank Pages
• Use PRINTER-FRIENDLY links, especially in EMAIL
• Use PRINT PREVIEW to see how your print job will look AND only print pages you WANT
• Use Adobe Reader print button for PDFs
• Check for blank pages at END of your document BEFORE printing

You have 3 hours to pay for and release a print job. After 3 hours, the print job is purged and cannot be recovered.