Municipal Court
2001 E. Jackson Road Carrollton, TX 75006 972-466-3348

Hours of Operation:     Mon-Thurs 7:30a-5:30p Fridays 7:30a-11:30a

The Municipal Court hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 7:30AM – 5:30PM and Friday 7:30AM – 11:30AM.

NOTICE: Court will be closed from 1pm to 5:30pm on Tuesday,    November 7, 2017, for staff training. If your appearance due date  is Nov. 7th, you may appear the next day on the 8th and no late penalty will be added.

Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations for which the maximum fine upon conviction does not exceed $500, and for which no jail term may be assessed, are tried in Municipal Court. Cases involving violations of City ordinances are also tried in the Municipal Court. The Municipal Court judge is appointed by the City Council

Persons receiving traffic citations may be eligible to take a Driving Safety Course and/or Deferred Disposition (probation) to have the charge dismissed. This request must be made in writing on or before the appearance date on the citation.                                                             

Fines may be paid by cash, credit card or money order at the municipal court clerk's office  unless the citation is in warrant status, at which time only cash will be accepted*. There is a 2% service fee added to credit/debit card payments. In addition, fines may be paid online.

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Payment of Fine.

Request a 10 Day Extension for a citation.  

Warrant lookup system.

Courtroom Attire:  Shorts, very short dresses or skirts, halter tops, tank tops, sleeveless tops, shirts that reveal excessive cleavage, muscle shirts, undershirts, t-shirts with indecent, profane, obscene words, language, graphics or illustrations, “sagging” pants, or gang related clothing are PROHIBITED and WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the courtroom. Defendants who appear in prohibited attire will be turned away and will be required to post a bond for a new court date. For more information regarding rules for proper conduct, dress, and procedures of our court see Carrollton Municipal Court Local Rules.

The City of Carrollton Municipal Court has issued a notice that anyone with an outstanding warrant who is stopped by a City Marshal, or Police Officer may, at the Marshal’s or Officer's discretion, be given the option to immediately pay the fine associated with that warrant.
During the traffic stop, the Marshal or Officer may provide a toll free number for the individual to call and conduct a telephone payment transaction with the City’s credit card vendor. This payment process has been initiated by the Municipal Court as a way to possibly bypass the necessity of arresting individuals with outstanding warrants. This option will only be offered by Carrollton City Marshals and Carrollton Police Officers on warrants issued by Carrollton Municipal Court.


Have You Received A Collection Letter or Telephone Call Regarding a Warrant?  -  Verify It With Your Court Before You Pay.

Recently, sham telephone calls have been made to residents by imposters claiming to represent the Dallas County Sheriff’s office or other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to collect payments from unsuspecting residents often by asking for their credit card information over the telephone.

The City of Carrollton is dedicated to communicating as clearly as possible and wants residents to know that your Municipal Court does generate warrant collection calls and letters. These calls and letters are valid and legitimate. The calls and letters explain your options for resolving the warrant, but do not request any credit card information. One of the options given to pay for a warrant is to call the City's credit card partner GovPayNet using their toll-free telephone number to pay the warrant/fine. If anyone has a suspicion about a telephone call or collection letter from the Carrollton Municipal Court, it can be verified by calling the Carrollton Municipal Court at 972-466-3348 or by visiting

For more information on this payment option, contact the Carrollton Municipal Court at 972-466-3348. . 

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