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NOTE:  Paying your fine online results in a final conviction in your case.

Note: A 2% service fee is added to credit/debit card payments.

Alleged Violation Payment on
or Before
Response Date
Violations in a School Zone
1-12 miles per hour over the limit $187.00 $212.00
13-15 miles per hour over the limit $212.00 $237.00
16-20 miles per hour over the limit $237.00 $262.00
21-25 miles per hour over the limit $262.00 $287.00
26-30 miles per hour over the limit $312.00 $337.00
31 or more miles per hour over the limit $322.00 $347.00
Red Light - issued by an Officer $252.00 $277.00
Stop Sign $227.00 $252.00
Improper Turn $192.00 $217.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way $212.00 $237.00
Fail to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance) *
1st offense

2nd offense must see judge  
Expired Drivers License * $167.00  
Failure to Display Drivers License * $237.00  
No Drivers License * $232.00  
Failure to Report Address or Name Change on Drivers License * $127.00  
Violation of Drivers License Restrictions *  $137.00  
Expired License Plate/ Vehicle Registration *  $167.00  
Failure to Display Vehicle Registration Sticker *  $167.00  
Operating a Vehicle without Both License Plates * $167.00  
Equipment Violations (Lights, brakes, horns, mirrors, etc.) *


Operating Alarm Without a Permit $147.00  
Improper Entrance/Exit – Freeway $192.00  
Parking in a Fire Zone $79.00  
Parking in Handicap $571.00  
Defective Equipment $187.00  
Accident - Fail to Report Injury  $332.00  
Seat Belt – Driver or Passenger > 15 $177.00  
Seat Belt – Child $159.00  


* Dismissals: If your citation is for any of the violations followed by an asterisk (*) above, you may be eligible for a dismissal of your case under certain conditions, and the payment of a dismissal fee. The conditions must be met and the dismissal fee must be paid before your appearance/response date. Click here to see additional information about dismissals, or call the court at 972-466-3348.

Construction Zone Fines
The Fines and Deferral Fees listed above do not apply to violations occurring in a construction zone. Construction zone violations are not eligible for Driving Safety Course or a deferred disposition. For the correct fines and fees for construction zone violations, please call the Court at (972) 466-3348.