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Only one 10-Day Extension is allowed per citation. Please be sure to complete all fields on the form. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. You must enter a separate request (form) for each citation. Please read this complete form before submitting your request.

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  In the Municipal Court
City of Carrollton
Dallas County, Texas
I hereby request that my court response date be extended an additional ten days.

I fully understand that if I do not answer on or before this date a warrant will be issued for my arrest with the maximum fine allowed by law, plus state required court costs and a $50 warrant fee.

I understand that by taking this option, I am NOT eligible to take the Drivers Safety Course.

I understand that I am eligible for only one extension for any individual citation and that if I have already been given an extension for this citation that this request will be denied.

IMPORTANT: This extension does not extend the time allowed to correct certain violations. In addition to all other requirements, updating an expired driver's license, expired inspection sticker or expired registration must be done and proof thereof submitted to the court within the first twenty working days from the violation date to qualify for dismissal upon payment of a fee (either $10.00 or $20.00 depending on the violation alleged). Do not request an extension if you are seeking such a dismissal because obtaining the extension will cause you to be ineligible for the dismissal even if you correct the problem. No extensions granted online or by telephone for parking violations (those must be brought to municipal court).
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You must enter an email address, phone number or fax number so you can receive your new court date.
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