Virtual Court Appearances

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The Carrollton Municipal Court now offers Virtual Court Appearances.  In many circumstances, you may dispose of your case by video conference with a judge on your computer or mobile device.  All Carrollton virtual court sessions are viewable on the Carrollton Municipal Court YouTube channel.


Carrollton Virtual Court


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Things to Remember
At Your Virtual Court Appearance You May...
What to Expect
Payment Information
To finalize the action(s) taken on your case(s) at your virtual hearing, any payment, documentation, and/or signatures required must be submitted to the Carrollton Municipal Court either electronically or in person on the same day of your virtual appearance. Failure to submit any required payment, documentation and/or signatures may result in the rejection of any agreement(s) reached in your case(s) and may lead to the issuance of a WARRANT for your arrest.