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 Carrollton Promotes Healthy Swimming

The City of Carrollton takes a proactive approach in maintaining a safe environment for swimmers at local public pools.  According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Proper operation and disinfection of pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19. They recommend you limit close contact with people outside your home in public spaces, both in and out of the water. 

“Our standard is to operate swimming pools well above the minimum state requirements,” commented Kim Bybee, Parks Manager. “We take a proactive approach to water treatment.  The water at Rosemeade Rainforest, Oak Hills Splash Park and Thomas Splash Park are all treated using chlorine and UV systems.  Many of our chemical controllers allow us to remotely regulate and control chemical levels 24 hours a day.  Our goal is to provide the safest swimming environment possible under the guidelines provided by the State of Texas.”

While taking this proactive approach helps reduce the time frame a virus can survive, it does not totally eliminate the risk. Dallas County Health and Human Services asks that you please do not swim if you are feeling ill, avoid swallowing water, practice good hygiene, take children on frequent bathroom breaks, do not change diapers at poolside and please wash yourself and children thoroughly with soap and water before swimming.  Following these practices will help keep you, your family and others safe while visiting a public pool.