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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex located?
We are located on Rosemeade Parkway just east of Old Denton behind the Rosemeade Recreation Center

What is considered proper swim attire?
Proper swim attire is required at all times. It must be non-transparent, lined and designed for a pool environment. Sports bras, basketball shorts, soccer shorts, jean shorts and any other apparel with grommets will not be allowed.

Are children required to wear swim diapers?
Yes, any child that still wears a diaper is required to wear a swim diaper.

Do you accept credit cards? 
Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

Where can I purchase a season pass?
Season passes may be purchased at the Rosemeade Rec Center or Crosby Rec Center prior to and during the summer months.

What is your severe weather policy?
No refunds will be given for bad weather.

Do you offer discounts for groups? (Book Passes) 
Book Passes contain 20 tickets, are non-refundable and expire at the end of the season in which they are purchased.

Can I bring in a cooler?
Guests may bring in coolers. No glass, alcohol or knives will be allowed so be sure food is cut prior to arriving. Coolers are subject to be searched.

Do you have a concession stand?
Yes, there is a concession stand open during regular operating hours. 

Do you have lockers available?
No, but we do have bags that can be rented for $1 per day to store your personal items. Bags are kept in the front office in a secure area.

Can we bring floaties or floatation devices?
Floats for children (such as floaties or rings) will only be allowed in the Training Pool. Coast Guard approved lifejackets will be allowed in the other pools but not on the slides or diving boards. It is highly recommended that you wear a Coast Guard approved lifejacket (available to use for free at our facility).

Can I re-enter the pool if I leave?
Guests who need to leave the pool can receive a hand stamp that is only good to return the same day.

Do you offer special assistance for the disabled?
Yes, we offer a special assistance program for non-swimmers and people with different disabilities. We also have ADA accessible chairs for our training pool, main pool and lazy river. Please feel free to speak with a manager or call before your visit for more information.

Do you have shaded areas, tables and chairs?
Yes, we offer plenty of shaded areas, tables, chairs and lounges that are first-come, first-serve. Some tables may be reserved in advance. Please see the Parties/Rentals link in the left column of this page for more information.

Is WiFi available at your facility?
Yes, WiFi is available to paying customers within the facility.

Do you offer swim lessons at your facility?
Yes, we offer American Red Cross swim lessons. More information on our lessons can be found in the Swim Lessons link in the left column of this page, in the Summer Issue of Leisure Connections magazine, or at either of the recreation centers.

Can we have a party at the pool during operating hours?
Tables and a party deck have been designated for birthday party rentals. Pool admission is additional. Reservations may be made 24 hours in advance at the pool during operational hours. Click on the Parties & Rentals link in the left column of this page for pricing.

How do my guests enter Rosemeade Pool for a party?
Party hosts can pre-purchase book passes and distribute them to their guests or leave the book passes with the cashiers along with a guest list. Guests may also purchase their own tickets.

Can we have a private party at the pool?
Pools may be reserved for private parties during non-public swim hours only on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 8:30 to 10:30 pm or 6:30 to 10:30 pm. Adults only may make reservations with pool manager. Click on the Parties/Rentals link in the left column of this page for pricing.

Can we decorate for our party?
Yes, you may bring decorations. Decorating cannot begin until your specified rental time and all decorations must be removed prior to leaving the facility.

What if it rains during my private party?
In the event that the pool is closed for weather conditions, we will try to move your party to another date or we will prorate your refund based on the amount of time you were able to use the facility. A full refund will be given if the entire party is canceled to weather.

Do you have electrical outlets or a refrigerator available for parties?
No electrical outlets or refrigerators are available for parties during operational hours.